Shocking Moments Caught On Live TV


  Japan airways Flight 123 left Tokyo en route to Osaka on Aug. 12, 1985, while a catastrophic mechanical failure related to the plane’s rear stress bulkhead despatched the Boeing 747SR soaring into ridges of Mount Takamagahara. All 15 team and 505 of the 509 passengers died, ensuing in the …

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Pakistani Boy invent amazing gadget


  Love for devices has no boundaries. people like to have them because they may be particular of their type and it’s far fun having them. is aware of what are the demands of our customers and what they need on our website. This new category is for them …

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Real story of captain tariq jamal SSG comandos


  Watch Action of Captain Tariq Jamal Shaheed 6 Commando Battalion SSG Pakistan Army Documentary. Watch Action of Captain Tariq Jamal Shaheed 6 Commando Battalion SSG Pakistan Army Documentary. Watch bravery of a Pakistan army officer in field and a professionalism of a Pakistan army officer when he is given …

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Pakistan Air Force On High Alert After Indian Threats


ISLAMABAD — Military officials are calling it a routine exercise, but the thunderous spectacle of Pakistani fighter jets touching down on a major highway Wednesday and Thursday, with commercial flights suspended and traffic blocked for hours, has fueled public speculation that something much more ominous is afoot. The display of …

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Top 7 Unusual Uses For Baby Oil That Are Totally Genius


We probably cried and cried as our parents insisted on applying infant oil to us as toddlers, however nowadays I can’t let pass of this magical oil. i am actually one of those humans that stock up on some bottles, as i get extraordinarily irritated if I can’t discover myself …

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Crazy Man jumps into the lions enclosure to hand shake


while lions do no longer normally hunt people, some (commonly adult males) seem to searching for out human prey; one properly-publicized case includes the Tsavo man-eaters, wherein 28 officially recorded railway employees constructing the Kenya-Uganda Railway had been taken by lions over nine months all through the development of a …

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How To Reduce Weight Easily Without Exercise


weight loss typically takes place when the body expends extra energy than it takes in. that means, you have to burn off or devour fewer energy that you eat through food and snacks. Many people reduce energy from their food plan and burn energy via exercise to gain weight loss. …

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